Sunday, June 2, 2013

Next step in my life

Well it’s been quite a while since I posted.  I subbed a lot but as the school year end grew near the jobs got less so I spent more time at home cleaning, stitching and job hunting.  But recently several things have happened making some changes for us.  I know I’m ready to embrace some change.

Here are the flood water pictures from my parents house. 


propane tank

flooded creek

My family church right behind my parents house. A little water and mud inside but no real damage.

The bridge next to my parents house where we use to swim as kids.

The neighbors gathering to help another neighbor tie down her propane tank to keep it from floating downstream.

A view across the creek.  You could walk straight across.  This usually is a rather steep embankment to the water.




In much lighter news Joel and I are both working!  Joel is working with a temp service and right now on a construction job for several weeks.  Starting Monday the 3rd I will begin working full time as customer service/ data entry at Ashley’s Furniture.   I’m so excited to have work.  I’m so excited for this new turn in my life.  I’m so nervous and scared for the first few days of new stuff.  Meeting people, learning the company, learning my job responsibilities, working 8 hours and not getting a nap lol…yikes.  But I’m also really looking forward to it. 

The downer of both of us working is that the dogs will be home alone but I believe our schedules are going to be off track enough that one of us will be home about every 2-3 hours so should make it easier on them.  Just harder on us to have to corral them that many times a day to put them up.  Maybe before long they will get into the routine and it won’t be too much of a hassle. If not I guess I’ll be spending my first paycheck on dog treats to entice them into getting put up for a bit. I am a person that works well with a schedule and routine as well as motivation to get things done. Being as I have really had none of these things in a while there are many things that must get done because I’m not sure when my days off will be. I will get 2 days off a week just might not be the usual Saturday Sunday weekend.

interview prep

manicure protection

joels sunburn





My nails primped and pretty for my interview.  Protection for my pretty nails during mandatory house cleaning. Joels sunburn a result of the first day of work.

daniele college grad'13


  I actually can’t believe it but my baby sister graduated college this past month. Not that it’s astonishing that she completed school but in my mind she’s always my baby sister. No way is she big enough to now be a grown up and our in the real job force world. Just crazy but congrats to my sister! Way to go!





book of knowledge

At some point in a random conversation with mom I mentioned a notebook I keep near my end of the couch where I put random notes to remember or phone messages or to do lists.  Mom reminded me that my Grandma Faught kept a “Book of Knowledge” where she kept important dates and such in.  Then from time to time we would read through it and remember stuff that had happened. I thought that’s neat to keep up with my notes and reflect back at a later time. So I bought this neat notebook to start keeping my stuff in. It’s kinda turned into a daily journal type thing. I try to write in it daily just a line or 2 about something that happened that day.  Might also come in handy for me to remember things to blog about. 



So that is our news of late.  Maybe I can have things to write about and start posting more often..Until next time…  Play time requires an adequate rest time.

play time

 the ruff life

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